Children’s Dentist In San Antonio – Protecting Your Child’s Smile

We only want the best for our kids. This is why we always see to it that they receive the best kind of care of possible, including in terms of oral health. This makes it important for us to find a children’s dentist in San Antonio who is truly committed to making the healthy smile of your child the top priority. There are several pediatric dentists in the area, but only a handful can truly live up to giving your child personalized and gentle care he or she deserves.

What to Look For In a
Pediatric Dentist San Antonio Texas

Children Dentist San Antonio TXThere are several pediatric dentists in San Antonio Texas. To help you from getting overwhelmed with all the options you have, it is recommended to take note of important factors to consider in selecting the best kind of dentist for the oral health needs of your child. Some of these important factors include

1. High standards - Make it a point to check if the children’s dentist in San Antonio you are eyeing has a record of delivering excellent standards in the field of personalized dental care. Through delivering a high level of standards, you can be sure that practice can give an excellent quality of dental services that your child deserves. Having high standards involves providing comprehensive planning of necessary treatment, as well as using cosmetic and restorative dentistry in order to achieve the optimal dental health of your child. The practice should also be able to exert best efforts in seeing and caring for the dental care needs of your child in a timely manner, especially during emergencies.

2. Education and prevention - A highly regarded pediatric dentist San Antonio practice should be able to provide real dental health care. This means it should give focus on making thorough examinations to check overall teeth and gum health. It should also be able to conduct examinations to determine the presence or absence of oral exams. They should also promote routine cleanings and the use of fluoride and sealants in helping prevent dental diseases.

3. Uncompromising safety - A reliable practice should be able to protect patients and its staff. Therefore, it must strictly maintain cross-contamination and sterilization processes following standards set by relevant governing bodies.

4. Training and expertise - We should only entrust the dental health of our children to a team of highly-skilled dentists and dental staff backed with proper training. In this way, we can be confident that they can truly keep the healthy smiles of our children. A reliable practice is one that is committed to continued learning and education. Dentists should have regular attendance in dental meetings, lectures and conventions so they can be updated with the latest products, techniques, and equipment utilized by modern dental offices in providing modern dental care. The kind of pediatric dentist we would want for our children is one who is a member of professional dental associations, allowing the dentist to be well-informed of changes and/or recommendations for this kind of profession.

Pediatric Dental Care - Basic Services

Our children should receive exceptional care from a pediatric dentist, regardless of the procedure required. May it be a comprehensive dental exam, dental cleaning, full-mouth restoration or something in between, our children deserve exceptional results with a gentle touch. Generally, pediatric dental services can either be preventative or restorative in nature.

Preventative procedures include

1. Dental examinations and cleaning

2. Fluoride treatment

3. Dental X-rays

4. Sealants

5. Home care

On the other hand, restorative or cosmetic procedures include

1. Pulp therapy

2. Composite fillings

3. Stainless steel crowns or caps

4. Stainless steel crowns that have white facing

5. Space maintainers

Children’s Dentist in San Antonio - Types of Sedation Used

In evaluating competence and reliability, it is important to know what kind of sedation a dental practice uses. This is vital because the kind of experience our children have in a dental setting and at such an early age can significantly impact the future attitude, as well as comfort level, of our children while they are in a dental office environment. Following are the most common kinds of sedation used

1. Nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture or laughing gas

2. Oral conscious sedation

3. Outpatient general anesthesia

These are some factors that we need to consider in evaluating different pediatric dental practices in San Antonio Texas. All these practices might seem the same but the difference can always be determined through the level of service they offer.


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