Finding an Emergency Dentist in San Antonio, Texas

Emergency Dentist In San Antonio Texas Information

Emergency Dentist in San Antonio TXDental emergencies are among the things that you should be adequately prepared for. The situations and causes may vary such as a cracked or broken tooth, extreme toothache, and unexplained oral pain among many others. The worst thing that could happen is to experience delays in getting immediate care to alleviate and fix the problem. This is why you need a reliable emergency dentist San Antonio, Texas has in its midst that you can easily reach as soon as an urgent dental situation arises.

Different Kinds of Dental Emergencies

There are dental problems that sometimes require the most immediate attention and care. While you can deal with some of these problems using temporary solutions, there are instances when only an emergency dentist San Antonio, TX has near you can treat. Some of the dental situations that may warrant the swiftest treatment include:

  • Cracked or broken tooth – Playing a potentially rough or high impact sport without a mouth guard or biting hard pieces or chunks of food are some of the leading causes of broken or cracked tooth. Dealing with this type of emergency can be extremely painful especially when the tooth’s nerve is exposed. Food and water intake can become problematic since the exposed tooth nerve can be hypersensitive to hot and cold temperatures. It is best to immediately seek relief and treatment from an emergency dentist San Antonio has nearest you.
  • Dislocated or fractured jaw – A dislocated or fractured jaw requires immediate attention to alleviate the considerable trauma often involved in such cases. Further, such emergencies may lead to serious complications if not treated immediately.
  • Knocked out tooth – Having a tooth knocked out can be excruciating. You also have to deal with significant bleeding.  Getting emergency dental care in San Antonio, TX is the best way to stop the hemorrhaging that often follows and to assess if the lost tooth can still be reimplanted.
  • Bitten lip or tongue – A bitten lip or tongue often becomes a dental emergency when profuse bleeding occurs. While there are first aid measures you can do to soothe the pain and stop the bleeding, it is still much better to have an emergency dentist treat it.

Exploring Options – Emergency Dentist San Antonio, Texas

A great way to prepare for dental emergencies is to plan ahead and explore every possible option. You have to be ready for contingencies. The dentist you frequent may or may not be able to accommodate you during emergency situations so it is best to ask outright early on. If your dentist cannot guarantee emergency care, you can request for a list of contacts of emergency dentists and clinics.

  • Seek treatment from your dentist – When a dental situation occurs, you can immediately contact your dentist for an emergency visit. Most dentists can accommodate patients within their practice hours and some even after office hours as long as you have direct contact with them.
  • Go to a dental emergency facility – There are dental facilities that accommodate emergency appointments or walk in cases. It is best to have the contact details and addresses of nearby dental clinics that offer such services.
  • Find mobile dental emergency service providers – Mobile units that provide emergency dental care and treatment are available in certain areas. Find out if your area is covered and make sure that you store the contact details for quick access in case an emergency happens.

Dental Emergencies during the Holidays

Emergency dental care ideally knows no time or seasons. You can find dentists and clinics that would take on the immediate care and treatment that you seek. However, accidents and emergencies are among those things that you cannot control. You have to consider the possibility of busy emergency dental clinics that may not be able to provide the treatment you seek as quickly as you expect.

  • Learn the proper first aid treatments – It helps to know the first aid treatments especially to the most common dental emergencies. This ensures that you or someone in your family can control the bleeding or alleviate the pain. This can be useful in dealing with situations when emergency care is not immediately available.
  • Check alternatives – Discuss emergency arrangements with your dentist especially before the holiday season begins. Ask if it is alright for your dentist to provide emergency treatment during the holidays. If not, make sure that you look for another emergency dentist San Antonio, Texas has during the holiday rush. The more options you have, the greater the chances of finding immediate care as soon as the need arises.


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