Finding A Dentist In San Antonio, Texas – Different Types Of Dentists

When we talk about dentists, we know we are referring to a professional that deals with oral health. If we are looking for the right kind of dentist in San Antonio, Texas to help us in our specific oral healthcare need, we would need to know more than just someone who practices general dentistry. Dentists also specialize in a number of specific areas of practice. Depending on the kind of oral health problem we have, we will need to spend a good amount of time in choosing a dentist to go to – may we be looking for Texas dental offices in the yellow pages or in our insurance directory.

Different Types of
Cosmetic Dentist In San Antonio Texas

Cosmetic Dentist San Antonio TXOnce someone completes his or her degree in one of the many dental schools in San Antonio Texas, that person is able to put dentistry into practice depending on the certification that dentist in San Antonio has. Those who have recently graduated and passed the board exam are able to carry out most dental procedures and are referred to as general dentists. We also know them to be our family dentist. Once they receive the necessary certifications, they will be able to specialize in a certain field.

1. Endodontists – Endodontics refers to the field of dentistry that focuses on the tooth pulp, as well as the area surrounding the root of our teeth. This type of dentist in San Antonio, Texas can perform common procedures like endodontic treatment, root canals, treating cracked teeth, treating dental trauma, and surgery.

2. Dental pathologists – These are also referred to as maxillofacial or oral pathologists. They specialize in giving a diagnosis and characterization of oral diseases, specifically of the teeth, mandible, and maxilla. Being referred to a dental pathologist can lead you to know if you are suffering from opportunistic infections, cancer of the mouth, ulcerations of the tongue and gums, and canker sores.

3. Dental radiologists – Dental radiologists specializes in diagnostic services through CT scans, X-rays, MRI and ultrasound.

4. Oral Surgeons – Oral surgeons give diagnosis and perform necessary surgical procedures for the treatment of oral injuries, diseases, and defects. They usually perform procedures like treatment of TMJ disorder, removal of impacted wisdom tooth, corrective jaw surgery, and facial trauma.

5. Orthodontists – An orthodontist specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, as well as correction of improper bites or malocclusion. The presence of improper bites may be a result of disproportionate jaw relationship or irregularities in the alignment of the teeth. The use of braces is the most common procedure performed by orthodontists.

6. Pedodontists - Pedodontists are pediatric dentists. They provide primary as well as complete preventative oral care to patients from infancy all the way to adolescence.

7. Periodontists – These dentists specialize in the supporting structures surrounding the tooth – referred to as the periodontium. These supporting structures include the alveolar bone, gums, periodontal ligament, and cementum. The most common cause of the loss of teeth among adults is periodontal diseases. This is why referrals to this kind of dentists are quite common.

8. Prosthodontists – Prosthodontists specialize in the treatment of conditions that are associated with deficient or missing teeth through the use of biocompatible substitutes. Moreover, these dentists are experts in the aesthetic side of teeth restoration and are also referred to as cosmetic dentists. A cosmetic dentist San Antonio clinic, for example, can provide prosthodontic services like dental bonding, teeth whitening, veneers, and enamel shaping.

9. Dental public health professionals – These dentists focus in the prevention and control of dental diseases, as well as in the promotion of dental health of the entire community. They help in educating the public about oral health. They also conduct research on the oral health of the community. Along with this, they provide group care.

10. Dental hygienists – These are not really dentists. They are oral health professionals who are licensed to assist dentists in terms of giving teeth a thorough cleaning.  They also assist in the screening for tooth decay and help in educating patients about how to uphold excellent oral health.

Avoid the confusion that comes with finding the right kind of dentist in San Antonio that can best help you in your specific oral health problem. Get to know more about the different types of dentists today. In this way, you can save yourself from wasting your time thumbing through directories without really knowing what kind of dentists to look for.


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